Monday, 14 May 2007


Well as prophesied (?) in my last post, it was indeed an amazing night. A series of readings on the theme of loving and serving others set the tone for the night. A few people then talked about how they were serving God in their local communities, and encouraged others to follow their example. The most amazing bit came next, when the stage was given over to young people to share what was on their hearts.

First up was a girl who talked of how she had chosen to do work experience with her minister despite some opposition from family. Her message? If God calls you to do something that seems a bit scary, don't be put off doing it, He is faithful! Next a youth leader brought up another girl who had been a Christian for just 2 months: in September they had brought 2 young people from their youth and this month they had brought 20.
A younger girl then shared how excited she had been when she prayed for a friend who had then become a christian. Another girl who had brought non-christian friends to Mannafest and they said they could feel God at it.
A young guy who had only been a christian for a few months shared how real God is to him now, and how his life had been transformed. In fact what was really cool was that three of the people who spoke had only been christians for a matter of months, yet here they were prepared to stand up and share in front of a large crowd how God is working in their lives.

Three other girls talked about how they had followed through on last month's message and made some space in their life to take some time out with God.
Biggest cheer of the night was reserved for a girl who told everyone "You're not defined by what you are called by bullies." For 15 years she had suffered name-calling, but loving Christian friends had helped her to see herself as God sees her - precious and loved. Throughout this time other young people were praying over their friends around the hall.

What did it all teach me? It reminded me that there are "super-christians" but they aren't usually on platforms, they're out there in the schools, in the streets, living the life and walking the walk. And I had the privilege of being with them on Saturday night!

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