Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Isn't it good to know that God's work in us, although eternally finished, is a work that is ongoing in our normal lives. In the Bible, I love the way God is so creative in how he communicates this to us, using pictures, like when he told Jeremiah to go down to the Potter's house and watch him mould and shape the clay (God could have just said, you are like clay, I am a potter, but he didn't he told Jeremiah to go and see it with his eyes...pretty good visual aid if you ask me), or in Ephesians when we are called God's masterpiece, the imagery of a "work of art" (Greek word for Craftmanship).
For years I have been trying to get fit, using all the quick fixs available but they never last. The same is true at times of my spiritual life, I'll read the latest book or attend the biggest events trying to get myself spiritually fit but again it never lasts. What I have been learning is that change takes time and that's something that I think God would agree with. God is the one who is doing the work in us and we have to trust that in his time he will change and transform us, yes we are part of the process is how much we make ourselves available to him to do this, but I don't think God is ever in a rush.
I have been discipling young people now for years and I have noticed that here in Northern Ireland most Christian Transformation is external, change of living standards, dress, friends etc, yet the change God brings in our lives is deeper, rooted in Him and with the goal of making us more like Jesus.
This thought has wrecked my brain for years, what does it mean 'to be more like Jesus?'
I get that it is not about growing a beard and wearing sandals, but what I struggle with, is that to me, this has more to do with mission than it has behaviour and thought pattern.

Jesus, the holy Son of God, three times Holy (Isaiah 6) perfect in holiness and yet in his life and ministry could not be separated from sinners, tax collectors, prostitutes, terrorists, fishermen, women, children, lepers, disabled people. I guess what I mean is this, lots of people think Holiness is about becoming more set apart and so as we become 'more like Jesus' we should become more spiritual, more set apart, and get shinier halos and yet even a glance through the Gospels would contradict this from watching the life of Jesus.
All useless thoughts and information, but here is an attempt at a conclusion
  1. Becoming more like Jesus means loving people (all people, regardless of background, history, beliefs, sex, age, colour)
  2. Becoming more like Jesus means engaging in people's lives. (it is easy to say that we love people, all people, but this should begin to be worked out and reflected through our lives.)
  3. Becoming more like Jesus means thats we live by His teachings, follow Him as our Lord, obey His call and make a difference in with our lives.
Is this true, is it biblical? It is afterall just a collection of thoughts. The journey continues...because today God continues to shape us like a potter and pour over us as a painter over his work of art.
Have a blessed day.
Steven McC

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