Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Praying for Alain

As many of you know our dear friend and sister Lindsay Emerson passed on to be with Jesus on Sunday. Her funeral yesterday was a wonderful celebration of a life lived without regret, with a deep love for God and a heart for others. It was an honour to have known Lindsay and to hear of the lives she impacted as the grace and love of Jesus flowed from her life into the lives of so many.
Alain Emerson is a member of YFCNI's National Board. He is such a devoted Christ follower and has an amazing call of leadership on his life. We are praying for his healing at this time. His heart is broken and His body is in anguish and yet we could sense within Alain a deep trust that is in Jesus.
Alain we are praying for you.


Mark Russell said...

Please assure Alain of my love and prayers at this awful time.

Mark Russell

dani said...

Hey, came across your blog and felt the need to encourage you with regard to this.
Remember always it is the thief who comes to kill and destroy, be reassured that Jesus wants to heal Alain, so we should all pray and have complete faith that it WILL happen.
My heart goes out to you all and I pray against any unbelief and uncertainty we all seem to harbour on so much here in Northern Ireland.
Death is our enemy. Jesus is our warrior.
My prayers are with you all, including Alain.